Who's looking at you, kid

I cannot work out how to post an image, so a link


Taken with a Canon 70-200mm IS USM Lens MK1 at 200mm, Canon 50D camera. This is heavily cropped. I wasn’t going to get any closer and there is an advantage that I get a better angle on the bird up the tree.

This is processed throughout by Topaz and it is the best result I have ever had from this shot. A truly amazing set of products…And this from a jpeg.

Hah! Keeping it natural? In photographic terms…hmmm. :slight_smile:

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Nice work Nick.

Here’s how to upload an image.

Nice capture …

AH. Thanks for that. As a newbie I keep coming up against not being able to, or not knowing how. :frowning:

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Thanks. I just liked the humour cause the bird looks so daft , that and what Topaz’s stuff let me do. The 70-200 F4 is a stunning piece of glass, but Topaz has at least doubled its FL.

I am searching some more dramatic catches.