Which video card for topaz?

For as long as I can remember, I have stayed with NVIDIA cards. However, I am considering a new system. Win 10 64 bit, probably I9 or I7.

I have read here about problems with the NVIDIA 3000 series cards. I do not plan to buy a 3000 series card, but if I go with NVIDIA, a 2000 series card.

But on the whole I am wondering if I should stick with NVIDIA or if it’s time to switch to AMD. I plan on running various Topaz products stand-alone and/or as a plugin to Photoshop CC.


Personally I would say that is up to you whether you choose AMD or NVIDIA but I would make sure that you select a PC that has more than the minimum optimal CPU and GPU requirements for all of the applications you are using to ensure longevity. You can find the system requirements on the main website.

Brand new AND Cards Coming soon.RX 6000+

Thanks, Don. Yes, that has been considered. I didn’t mention detail because I did not want to cloud the video card issue. I prefer I9, 16 gig or more of ram, an ssd and so forth.

That is a good starting point for the CPU but I would probably add an extra 16GB RAM as RAM is not expensive now, and make sure there is an iGPU as well as the High Performance GPU you choose.

More cuda cores is better, the recommendation is the best you can afford, 1080ti is good

Hello, on this subject, I was wondering if my old 2016 Alienware R4 would be able to handle Topaz’s products, primarily Gigapixel & Video Enhance AI. My following specs are:

-GTX 1070m

-16 gigabyte DDR4 SO-DIMM

-Intel i7-6700HQ

Thanks in advanced to anyone who replies.

Should be fine for all products except for using Video Enhance AI as it may be a little slow because the GTX1080 is a better fit for a starting point.

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Alrighty, thank you. Certainly will be better for the role than my iMac with a i3 and a RX 555.

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