Where to start?

Hi, new to the product, where is the best place to learn about the very basics of how Studio works? I’d prefer to try to use Topaz stand-alone. Would love to learn all about the tools and am sort of fumbling around with features would be obvious to more experienced users. For example, I didn’t realize at first that Topaz was automatically creating a new file when I cropped and rotated an image, thought the change just got lost! Is there a discussion thread for newbies?

Also, one specific question, I opened a group of images, and started editing one. When I opened the next image, it appeared that the same lighting, contrast, and HDR edits were automatically applied to the next image? Can it really be! So cool if this is the case! How would I save some edits as pre-set options?

Under the Help menu choose Tutorials …

Thanks for the reply, Don. Can you suggest a few specific tutorials? The tutorials seem to mainly address add on’s, not sure how they apply to the basic package and functions? I have the basic Studio download, plus Clarify Pack option. Also, does the ReStyle tutorial address the question about the corrections from one image seemingly being applied to the next image? It is possible for me to save some custom presets, correct? How?

A few other basic questions:

  1. is there a way to preset a ratio for cropping, like square, 4x6, etc.?
  2. is there a way to set a certain KB file size, prior to saving the file?


There is a recent tutorial on Topaz Labs youtube channel by Rad Drew that shows his workflow for images. It uses the Clarity adjustments.

I have some quick videos on my youtube channel that shows how I have used Studio to create some of my images (that are very amateur) … My channel is under “Sharon Co”

Answers to a couple of your questions.

To copy the adjustments made on one image to another you can use the “Copy all adjustments” and “Paste all adjustments”

To save a set of adjustments as a preset use

Changing the aspect ratio for cropping is done in this pull down

and you can create you own if required

Not sure about the file size.


Thanks so much! Can’t wait to watch the videos. Your screen shots are really helpful.


When you do a save as the options you have with JPEG are different image qualities which will reduce the file size. There is no option to resize dimensions at the moment.