Where is the "edit a copy" option?

I want only to edit a copy. I often run through another editing program and only want to edit a copy of that photo. AI used to offer that option. Why is is gone?

It’s an option in Lightroom using the “Edit In”(other editors have similar options). TPAI just processes whatever it’s given by the host program. Or are you specifically talking about processing DNG files via the LR plugin (which might be bugged)?

I am talking about editing a DNG through the lightroom plug in. A much faster work flow than exporting the photo from lightroom, importing into AI and then back into lightroom to finish editing.

Once again I have reinstalled an older version of Topaz AI. Their new version is NOT user friendly, is slower than molasses in January, and wasn’t broken so why fix it? Are they trying to make it a stand alone editor? If so good luck trying to compete with Adobe. If this trend continues I will simply stay with the old version and won’t bother renewing to get updates. Why spend the money for a product that no longer meets my needs.