Where is Simplify in Studio 2?

Where is the Simplify filter in Studio 2? Its probably obvious but I’ve looked through the filters and just don’t see it. I bought Simplify in Studio so I think it should be there.


Simplify doesn’t use only one filter but a combination of filters such as Edges, Glow, Radiance, Smudge etc., so you can find those looks by using the Sort By, category for All Looks or you can enter Simplify in the search box, again with All as the Look Category:


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I know about the combination of filters, but that was in Studio 1 as well along with a selection of presets as that made good starting points. So they just got rid of it? I’m really not happy about that, it was useful to me.


Use the Abstraction Filter.

If you search in the Looks (presets) as I said above you will find them.

This regression on Simplify is a real setback. I typed “Simplify” into the search box and only get 7 presets. Compared to the Simplify plugin this is terrible.

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I agree Rondo249. I bought the full Simplify and now its gone.


You should be able to download full Simplify (and save) again. I keep all of my downloaded plugins and serial #s in a folder.

I think that all you need to do is to learn the new categories etc., in the art studio. For example here are the Abstraction items and you can see many are from the old Simplify …

Remember that Simplify was an application and not a category that was carried over to Studio 1.

While I appreciate your help in finding the Simplify presets, having them scattered all over makes for a lot of extra work to find them. Instead of spending hours learning the new categories in the art studio to find formerly easy access presets in Simplify, topaz needs to listen more to it’s users in making Studio 2 easier to use not harder.


Yep, this is a very old post, but it illustrates exactly what is wrong with Topaz now. Features that used to be easy and abundant (presets in Simplify in this case) have been neutered to almost nothing in Topaz Studio 2. Very few of them are in the “Looks” section and it’s nearly impossible to recreate them without intimate knowledge of all the various categories and tools in TS2. So much functionality lost.

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Topaz Labs has never really listened to what customers want. They THINK they know what they want but they don’t so when you go to use simplify, it does not exist anymore. So instead of moving forward, they move backward and I have to go backward and load previous versions. Topaz will not adress this because there is no money in it and they are too busy trying to sell AI. Now that On1 has a great noise tool I will not have to update my topaz products.

HI, can you post a instruction how to aply anything that reassembles “simplify” please?
I used that filter a lot and now when i wil continue my work it is gone ???
I bought Topaz becaus of it…

// MWD