Where have my "plugins" gone in Studio?

I have the latest version of Studio on my Mac, now running Mojave, but the “plugins” command seems to be gone. The pulldown commands on my version are:

File, Edit, View, Image, Tools, Adjustments, Community, Help

The entry for Plugins seems to have vanished. This is the second time I have asked this question and the first time I just overlooked it as a top level entry, but with 1.14.2 it just seems to have vanished.

What have I done? Or not done?

Hi Mike,

Raise a technical support request on that, they may have removed it because there were issues calling the Sharpen AI plugin. Although it seems strange.

I will file a report. I am not imagining this. Here is the screen shot:

But what is really odd is that I was just outside for a bit (it has finally gotten warm here) and when I returned there was an open Terminal window with what looks like a Tapaz command script having been run. Whatever it did it did not fix this issue as I re-ran Affinity Photo -> Studio and the Plugins entry was still missing, but I do wonder what what Topaz was doing with that script.