When will Video Enhance AI support AMD GPU?

I tested Video Enhance AI and it is just using CPU despite having AMD GPU, it seems Video Enhance AI only supports NVIDIA GPU otherwise if not available will fall back to CPU, which I am just getting 10sec/frame.

When will Video Enhance AI support AMD GPU? Also, when will there be an algorithm upgrade that will allow standard gaming GPU to be able to process video enhancing, especially on gaming laptops. Instead of just being usable on very high-end desktop machines only, e.g RTX-based desktop machines. Unlike Gigapixel, Denoise, Sharpen, etc. which are very usable on entry-level gaming machines which are really great, Video Enhance AI on the other hand is only used to select few.

In fact, I was able to “enhance” a video that I cannot do in Video Enhance AI (since it is notoriously slow on entry-level gaming machines) and was able to do it with Gigapixel AI with FFmpeg. FFmpeg was used to extract images then Gigapixel AI scaled the images, its not super fast took hours but not like Video Enhance AI which is reporting like hundred days ETA.


I second this request. Since Apple uses AMD GPUs exclusively (at least as of today), it would seem even more important for Video Enhance AI to support AMD GPUs. Otherwise, the Mac version is painfully slow at multiple seconds per frame.


How do I make a post? I see no where on any interface on to make a post like this one. I am having a very hard time. Like everything else in this world, every product from any company, nothing works and this is one them too. Does not work. No support at all. Been waiting for days for support to email me back, no where to post any where in this community but you all are and no one responds or pays any attention to the facebook. real nice company we have. Been a customer for 48 hours and I already regret it.


Well, this is a post. If you wan to create a new subject then go to the proper category (like this one for Topaz Products) and click on the blue + circle in the lower right side.

Well I must be stupid then. There is no blue + circle anywhere.

Can someone help me here? Since no at the actually in responding.

My adjust AI crashes on two computers, one meets minimal, the other meets optimal settings. Then I tried another picture, same results. It just crashes, closes unexpectedly. Then I realize it is only large, very large pixel pics, no small or normal size ones. Is there a limit to pixel size? if so does that not contradict everything topaz is about?

I just went through 16 pages. No little blue + circle
I see one tiny little micro spec dot in general discussion but then the next screen just confused me.
I have never in my life regreted buying something as quickly as I am with this. Been waiting for days to be emailed back. I guess no one ever looks at the facebook and I can not make a post in this forum and the products are just crashing.

I dont have that.
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I just tried a different browser. I am denied support. real nice. Been waiting since thursday for a response, I sent 3, no one pays attention at facebook and I am denied making new post.


I believe you have to post (in words) ten times before being allowed to upload a picture. Maybe Don can change the setting to allow you to post pictures. Don, can you help Chris out?

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Yes +1
I couldn’t make sense of this situation. Why amd video cards are not visible in the program? This situation is ridiculous. I use RX570 and it only works with CPU.
Please answer someone who is authorized, please. whether you will support or not.


Literally just made an account to ask the same question. With Big Navi’s launch yesterday beating out most Nvidia cards while also being cheaper, seems like building support would be advantageous

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With the latest v1.7.1, they’ve added support for AMD Radeon. I’ve been using it on my Radeon Vega56 and it works fairly well, although it does causes some crashes when I tried to use any of the “Theia” A.I models. I’m sure this will get better.

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