When will it be re-instated

We used to have tags for the main “edit” features for included images like

It would be great to see them again

:clock1: :clock2: :clock3: :clock4: :clock5: :clock6: :clock7: :clock8: :clock9: :clock10: :clock11: :clock12:

It takes some :timer:



Too many years as a magazine Editor makes me a pedantic old XXXXXXXX

Is that why there’s a disparity in the Space-Time continuum in Addison?


Looks like I doubled up the :clock8: emoji :slight_smile:

I think it’s funny you looked at each emoji and found a duplicate. Nice eye!

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Yes I edited a national journal for about 4 years and had to keep a finely tuned eye on the errors made by authors and the production team.
I do take pleasure in “spotting” in shops as well as in TV news reports - “young-uns” rely too much on auto-spell and auto-correct without looking at contextual grammatical errors because they don’t speak properly. Sad, am I not? (that’s grammatically correct and shows my north-western English roots)

When I was a high-schooler, I wanted to be an editor. In many ways, I am an editor. The forums are bit informal, so I can overlook proper conventions from time to time without realizing it, though I do check myself for inaccuracies. Honestly, spellcheck annoys me (red squiggly lines are ugly), and I know that I might not always have it around.

Ah, so now I know why we get on so well.

I’ll take that as a compliment:grin: