When, when, when

…will Gigapixel AI plug stop crashing Photoshop when exiting?

Could you tell me more about this conflict? Are you receiving any error messages when the crash occurs?

Hi, Justin…

This issue happens on my old 2015 27" iMac, my brand new M3 iMac, and my two or three year old Macbook Air. It’s happened with all versions of version 5, and happens often with version 6. As far as my older to Macs are concerned, I always assumed it was because of their age and slow speeds in general; or, that since both of them have a LOT of software, plugins, what have you on them, maybe it was a software conflict.

But my M3 Mac has only the very minimum number of third party apps: Adobe Creative Suite All, PortraitPro, and your two main Topaz products, Topaz Photo and Gigapixel.

What happens is pretty straightforward: I’ll take advantage of the Photoshop plugin (I like the fact that it puts the enlarged version on its own layer so that I can mask out over-sharpened areas on the original version underneath it. Gigapixel will do it’s think, and when it starts to save the file back in Photoshop, it will either crash Photoshop immediately, or give me hope at times that it’s going to work between exiting the plugin and waiting for the enlarged version to appear. Then boom…Photoshop crashes.

Now…here’s the weird thing. If I’m attempting to enlarge an image that results in a crash, that same image will CONTINUOUSLY cause subsequent crashes with each attempt to enlarge it. However, if I resave the image, or bring the suspect image back into Photoshop using Lightroom (Edit in…Edit a Copy), the new version of that file will almost always result in a successful enlargement. So it’s almost as if something is introduced into the file during different editing processes that the crashing becomes an issue. And that might be an Adobe issue, not Topaz’s. Just not sure. The only thing that suggests it isn’t a random issue is that the more time I put into editing an image, the more likely it is to crash Photoshop.

Please reach out to Support so we can assist you more effectively.