When upscaling VR video, what frame should I set?

I would like to upscale 4k VR video to 8k video. However, when converted to the same frame (60), frame breaks occur during actual playback. Setting the frame rate as high as possible can solve the problem, but I am worried because it takes a lot of time. As far as I know, it is possible to export 8K video up to 150 frames, but if I export it at only 120 frames, will it be possible to play it without frame interruption?


Which camera is this 4K input video from? I could download a sample clip and run some test exports to see if there are any output issues.

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This video was downloaded through a p2p site. I will check whether it is possible to download the sample video through a specific link and reply again. Thank you for your interest in this topic :slight_smile: