When the trial period is over

When the trial period for the tool itself is over does that mean that the trail period for all of the Pro adjustments is also over? That is, I have tried Pro for some of the adjustments, but not all. When the trial period for those adjustments I have tried is over, does that mean that I can still try those I have not yet tried? Or will all of the trials expire when those I have tried expires?

Each adjustment has its own trial which starts on the day you try.

Yes, you can keep starting new trials, until you run out. Then, when we add a new Adjustment that has a Pro option, you can try it for 30 days. The Studio application is free, so there’s nothing to charge you for, when you’re using the free features.

Thank you. That is what I was hoping your answer would be.

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We wanted it to be possible, from the start :slight_smile:

Joe… how can we purchase a Pro Adjustment if we have Topaz Credits? Is there an option to purchase with our credits?

We moved all the store credit from the old store to the new store, so you should see it on your Topaz Studio My Account Page, and when you check out in the Topaz Studio Web Store.

If you don’t, send me a message and I’ll make sure it’s all corrected.

how do we apply using our credits when we purchase something?

There’s a little coupon on the Cart page, you just click to apply it.

I’m seeing on our side that you have $110 in store credit on the Studio side.

Correct amt… yes… but what do I enter… is there a coupon credit code that will appear?

Yep! It should be on your cart page.

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Thanks @JoeFedric-TL for the info/help.