What's happened to the advertised Sharpen AI Webinar

I received an email on March 26 advertising a Webinar re Sharpen AI, with a links to register, however that link brings up a “Webinar not available-contact organizer …”.

Can’t find anything about it on the Topaz Labs Web site, maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.
Is it on or cancelled, and if on, how does one register?

I was able to register on the 25th and received a confirmation but you’re right, I am seeing the same Webinar not available message now too.

I just tried to connect to the link for the actual webinar and see a message, “The webinar will start in 4 days.” It seems like it is still on.

You might want to contact Topaz at webinars@topazlabs.com. Something is not consistent.

They said site was having issues. Waiting for Topaz announcement.

Thanks Jim & John, have sent off an email to webinars@topazlabs.com

I’ve had a response from Topaz Support

“The Webinar will still take place as planned. If you are trying to register for the Sharpen AI Webinar, GoToWebinar is having some technical issues and you may be unable to register. If this is the case, please try again soon and if anything changes, such as a registration link or the webinar itself, we will provide updated communication when able”.

The current link still doesn’t allow me to register, so if that doesn’t change, I guess I’ll have to give that Webinar a miss.

Re-register for April-1 (second try)…circuits currently dead.

I had to re-register for the webinar and connected today 11 minutes before it was supposed to start. When 5 pm came the screen said,
" This webinar is full!
You can contact the organizer about future sessions."

Maybe I’ll check out the replay if there is one.

Just great, I enroll in a webinar, get a spot, have a personal webinar number and then when I attempt to join the webinar, I get the Webinar is full.

That is just fantastic … NOT !!!

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Me too and I’m very disappointed. I was logged on before it started and it said waiting for Haley. Then nothing except the message that it was full.

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Me too. Same notice about being full thou I preregistered!

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Same here. If there is a limit to attendees, they why don’t they cut off registration??? Very frustrating.

The enrollment and personal - Private ID number is just there to give you Hope…
Like the Robin Williams golf story. If you haven’t watched it and you don’t mind his bad language, google it. It is hysterically funny.

Same here. Maybe they have decided to renege on free webinars as well.

Well, I started an hour ahead of it by clicking the link and it said will start in one hour. I then refreshed at 10 till, got update of time start, all way through until start time and then it said it will start soon, got this message for 1 hour by refreshing the page. Even got an email reminded about it starting in 1 hour, nice of them to send out another email with status or difficulties…NOT

The webinar will be available on the blog soon where you can watch at your leisure.

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