What is wrong with this forum?

Seriously there is something truly wrong with this forum. Why?
I just fought with someone to get help through a reply because there was truly no new post button anywhere, truly no where, then it just magically appeared. Can not post an image but they could and no more then three 3 reply in a row.

Redundant forum.

Did you only recently sign up? If there is a probation period it should be short, afaik. Not sure if it requires moderator action to flip the bit. It is a little unorthodox that the (+) has no instructional text that indicates that is the post button.


I have no button!!!

I wish i could upload just one single image, I really wish


since i am barred from posting images i put it on my onedrive, no button

and that new topic button magically appeared after some time FYI

@christoph.yorkshire Yes, it appears to be an anti-spam feature, albeit a really poorly conceived and implemented one IMO.

Post more and I believe the + New Topic button will appear. I haven’t got it yet, hence I’m posting in here too :wink:

Still can’t upload an image yet…