Forum Processing Difficulties and Spam Filters?

Seriously there is something truly wrong with this forum. Why?
I just fought with someone to get help through a reply because there was truly no new post button anywhere, truly no where, then it just magically appeared. Can not post an image but they could and no more then three 3 reply in a row.

Redundant forum.

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Did you only recently sign up? If there is a probation period it should be short, afaik. Not sure if it requires moderator action to flip the bit. It is a little unorthodox that the (+) has no instructional text that indicates that is the post button.


I have no button!!!

I wish i could upload just one single image, I really wish!ArXmGzW0FYlHzGeJVpyokTQZaN5R?e=sjnEUw

since i am barred from posting images i put it on my onedrive, no button

and that new topic button magically appeared after some time FYI

@christoph.yorkshire Yes, it appears to be an anti-spam feature, albeit a really poorly conceived and implemented one IMO.

Post more and I believe the + New Topic button will appear. I haven’t got it yet, hence I’m posting in here too :wink:

Still can’t upload an image yet…

The interface and design of this Topaz Labs Forum is the worst I have ever seen. There is no place to find the Latest Beta Versions of any Product.

Often after you got an update after loading a program such as DeNoise AI v xxxx - you cannot find the place to post your feedback

A Good Forum would have places that you would always check for updates. No such a thing.

Nor is there any place to find public released products where you could post feedback.

What is also very frustrating is that many users say that they do not have any problem finding anything they are looking for, that everything works just fine for them.

Of course this does not make any sense for those of us who are having issues. I have now tried 4 different browsers to see if that would make a difference it does not.

Topaz Labs should junk this design and use one that works well for all of us. They used to have one that was well designed so that you could quickly find what your were looking for.

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Thank you for the Official Poduct Release Link ! I don’t know if this is new but I have not been able to find it in the past, from wherever I end up when went to the forum page and clicked either on the horizontal line Icon or the first letter of my first name Icon.

Thanks !

How can I find this Beta Release page? Would you please post a link like you did for the Official Topaz releases ?


Sorry, links to beta cannot be added to non beta threads. Just choose the correct category from the Category pull down menu.

Probation period? Is this Prison or High School Audio visual club?

In fact, it is used to stop spam …