What is the best image size to upload an image in the For Play category?

I would like to post some images in the for Play category.
What is the max image size limit or best image size to post for other members to be able to work with them?
Also is there a limit to how many I can upload in a post?


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John - the larger the better! I think the site can handle up to 6MB, but it just won’t upload if the image is too large. So, experiment and see what you can manage…

Also, may I suggest you put each image in its own post (i.e. better to put several posts in a single thread).

I notice that when folks put up more than one image in a post you can not view any image at it’s largest size as the site software takes you to the next image in that post instead of showing the largest possible image.

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I use Chrome - and I assume other browsers would do the same - and I can right-click to open an image in a new tab where I can enlarge to full size.

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Thanks Scott - I use Firefox and a right-click does allow me to see the full-size image (in the same tab… not a new one).
An excellent tip!


Thanks @Michael_DeLisio Ill experiment with the max size I can upload.

I have several images that I would like to upload and didn’t want to make so many posts to have to upload them.
Maybe I’ll try 2-3 in a post and if members have any issues they can request which one they would prefer to download from a single post?

The largest image size you can upload is 6144KB, or 6.144MB. There is no pixel limit, but your image will be lightboxed to ~900px wide at its widest, on all displays. Click the image to see a fullscreen preview, then download to download the full resolution image.

Thanks Joe for the image size info. Can I upload more than one image in the For Play category?

There are no limits on how many images you can post, though you must wait 15 seconds between posting new threads, and 5 seconds between posting new comments. You can post in any category as much as you’d like. You have to really be trying to hit rate limits to run into them.

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