What is going on with recent update?

I was excited yesterday to see there was an update to Studio 2…immediately clicked on update now…it wanted me to “Log In” to Studio 2 which was unusual. Before I could do anything, the link for the installer.exe appeared…clicked to download, followed the instructions and then it said I “had to uninstall the previous version”…I quit the installation. Hoped to find definite information here but really did not. Tried again this morning and still see the same posts from yesterday. I am running an up-to-date version of Windows 10

If I uninstall the previous version, what happens to “My Looks” and any other modifications I’ve made in the old Studio 2?

I have been using Topaz products since they first came out so I am not a complete novice. However, I am not even close to being as tech savvy as most of the posters here. Is it “safe” for me to install this new update? Should I wait for an update to the update?

I’ve read people are downloading from Topaz and not having as many problems. Is this the better option for me?

The really bad part is that I cannot use the current Studio 2 because it keeps wanting me to update and won’t let me just say “no” and go into the program. So I hope this is resolved soon.

I do wish Topaz had “notified” the users that this was not a usual update so we could have been better prepared. We certainly get all the information about new products to buy as well as the great information about Webinars and other learning experiences. A simple e-mail would have been helpful.

Thank you for your help. Any other information about this update would be most appreciated.


Just uninstall and update, your Looks won’t be affected.

Just make sure when doing the install all the normal things are done, i.e. make sure you have closed down any host Editor before the install and run it as a standalone first.

Thank you so much for answering my questions. Time permitting, I will follow your instructions tomorrow and update. I only run Studio and Studio 2 as stand alone applications so that will not be a problem.

I do appreciate your help.

Please make sure you only use the Windows uninstaller and not third party ones as they may remove all your data.

Let me add to @AiDon 's answer that it is always a good idea to make a backup of your settings folder before installing a new version. So if you are on Windows you would make a copy of the folder “%LocalAppData%\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio 2” (i.e. “C:\users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio 2”) and store it in a safe location.

With that you can restore your current settings if you experience any problems with the update - see my post here: Custom Textures in Studio 2.2.0 where another user reported the loss of his textures.

My own looks, favorites and presets were not available in Studio after updating to version 2.2.0. I had to copy my look files etc. to a new folder that was created in another location during the update process. Additionaly I had to adjust some registry settings the installer didn’t manage to set right for my normal user account. Instead the installer created these registry entries for the Administrator user. Although I started the update when logged in with my normal user account I had to enter the Administrator credentials to allow the installer doing its work (which is normal). But then, in contrast to previous updates of Topaz products, the installer seemed to think that I really was logged in as Administrator user and created all the settings just for that account and not for my normal one.

In short words: You may be lucky and updating will be a smooth process for you and everything will be working fine after. But I would strongly suggest to make a backup before, just to be on the safe side.

Thank you both for your advice.

I’m back with a functioning Studio 2. Again, thank you for your help.

I did get a Warning toward the end of the installation. It read
“Warning: Problem running post-install step: Installation may not complete correctly.
Program output
Program error: “install plugins” is not recognized as an internal or external operable command, program or batch file.
Program exit code 1”
I clicked “OK”

I have no idea what this means!

The “new” Studio 2.2.0 opened and other than “My Looks” not being there (I never had any textures I added or anything else), it seems to work. I have not fully investigated everything. Since I had saved the files for My Looks from the previous program, I was able to add a few to the proper folders and they are now available. I only relate this to you so that my information can be helpful to other users as well as Topaz.

If I determine there are other problems, I will ask Topaz for help and continue to watch the Forum for more information from others.

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Did you end up with a Looks category of 333?

I apologize! I don’t understand what a Looks category of 333 is. I’ve looked in the various locations where different files were installed and I don’t see anything about 333.

I did however notice that AiAdjust is not listed as a plug-in. I believe it was in the previous version. Since I also have it as a stand-alone, I mostly use it there. Old habits…

Thank you!

You should see this in the Filters-> Plugins menu:


The question about the ‘333’ looks category was just in case you had it.

Yes, I knew where the Adjust AI was located from the previous Studio 2 and it worked then. Now although the name is still there (along with two others which I do not own), when you click on Adjust, nothing happens. As I said previously, I can use the stand alone version.

No, I do not have a Looks category of 333 that I’m aware of.

Thank you!

I have just installed topaz studio 2 but when I want to open the application it keeps wanting to install it. any suggestions?

I wish I could help you. My only suggestion is to read over the advice that the “knowledgeable” people gave me above. I was finally able to get Studio 2 to install and update to the new version. I pretty much let the installer do what it wanted to. However, it still does not work as I think Topaz expected it to, so I’ve pretty much gone back to the original Studio until more stable updates are offered.

Thank you. I have reinstalled at least twice. I think I will give it a pass and continue using Lightroom and Photoshop. Thanks for your time.