What is AI Style Fusion?

In my Adjustments menu I found an adjustment named AI Style Fusion but it is not available to purchase and I haven’t discovered any information about it. Is this a new adjustment that is still being beta-tested?

AI Style Fusion was a beta adjustment that was being tested. Topaz pulled it and I think put it on hold for now?
I checked both my Beta and PR versions of Studio and AI Style Fusion no longer appears in the Adjustment list.
Make sure you have the current updates to both Studio versions… maybe that’s why it is appearing or there is something wrong on my end?

It appears in the adjustment list in my version of PR (1.11.8), but blacked out, so it’s probably a glitch.


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Style Fusion went thorough a period of beta testing.

We pulled it out of beta because we didn’t think it was ready for release.

We are now increasing the computation speed among other things and will release it for another beta when that is finished.

Glad to see you are interested. :slight_smile:


Yes, I was interested to know what it was and how it works… Thanks for the info so far…

I was also a fan of and very interested in the AI Style Fusion adjustment, looking forward to its return for Beta testing.

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I’m so glad. We look forward to reintroducing a leaner and meaner version to beta. :smiley:


A member has told me in another post that AI Style Fusion is available for free today only?
Is this true and why is the AI Style Fusion adjustment appearing in the adjustment panel for some members?
It does Not appear in my adjustment panel on my Mac?
Can you clear this up and give me some details to my questions above and when do you expect AI Style Fusion to being reintroduced?

Other post discussing this_ New Update for PR TS 1.11.8

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