What has the greatest effect on Sharpen AI speed with nVidia based cards?

I currently run an i7-3770 3.4ghz - 16 gb ram - evga 750ti SC 2 gb system. It is reasonably fast with DeNoise, and GigaPixel, but Sharpen AI is a slog on the higher resolution 5DS-R 50 megapixel images, and to a lesser extent on my 36 megapixel D800 images. It can be anywhere from 6-11 minutes, but is usually 7 or 8 minutes. The GPU is faster than the CPU, and is usually 85-90% utilized. So here is the question.

Is it GPU core, cuda cores, dedicated graphics ram, ram speed, interface bandwidth, or some other spec that directly effects processing speed in Sharpen AI? I would like to upgrade the graphics card, but I am unsure which spec will translate into speeding up Sharpen AI.

*Also - is there a benchmark site that uses Sharpen AI?

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I found a setting in nVidia’s control panel that had a major impact on my setup. nVidia control panel > manage 3D settings > power management mode > change to “prefer maximum performance” (mine had been on “power”) I then updated the driver (it had only been a month) and there was an “optimize” app or game feature in Geforce Experience. From what I read I was expecting only a handful of seconds improvement, but it more than cut the time in half. On two photos the times were…

4 min 36 sec_____________ 2 min 22 sec___________1 min 59 sec
5min 56 sec______________2 min 55 sec___________2 min 17 sec


I never did find out if it was ram, memory bandwidth, cuda cores etc - So, I did the shotgun approach by upgrading to a 1080 gtx mini. The new times are 15 seconds on the first photo and 17 seconds on second photo.

Hello Jim!
Just came across your very useful posting…thanks!
With your newer 1080 GTX you probably don’t need this but may be of use?

And I found in searching about my just installed RTX 3050 suggest using the Nvidia Studio driver rather than Game driver:

I also have 5DS R and love it plus TopazAi Sharpen, Denoise, and Detail - use them all the time! Haven’t timed yet the Sharen Ai processing speeds but certainly faster!
Daniel Wilcox

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Interesting but I found the studio drivers to be slower when using Gigapxel. X4 was taking ages, even on 20mp files. I have RTX 4060.

I will check my settings.

Not tried a 5DS file yet on Studio drivers.

That video, is mostly about 3d editing, is that required on 2D images?

Far too complicated.