What happened to the crop / resize tool in Video AI V.4.0.0?

Sometimes I wish software manufactures would stop tinkering with app UI (adding coloured icons does little practically), and concentrate on the elimination of bugs before including “improvements”.

Prior to Topaz Labs’ Video AI update to v.4.0.0 I regularly used the crop/ resize tool. However, I can no longer locate this useful tool. Have you eliminated it?

Silly me, this tool was hidden in the menu.

Perhaps I spoke too soon.
Why cannot I view the edited, cropped composition before rendering it?

They said it’s going to come back later. But your output will have the crop.

Is that so? I don’t wish to be a spoil sport but Topaz Labs’ Video AI seems to go from one step forward to two back with each successive update. On the subject of the crop/ resize tool, not only has it been buried in a menu (something Adobe does with its apps all the time), but it simply isn’t behaving as it did in the past. Previously I did not experience black “barn door” bars when cropping. Now I do.

In addition it would appear the Nyx AI model has taken over the familiar sharpening features of Proteus.