What Happened to the Community Actions and Presets in Studio?

Prior to the migration of Impression and Texture Effects from standalone plugins to integral features within Studio I was able to search the community database for additional creative effects. That ability to browse and access this resource pool does not seem to be available from Studio. Does the database for user created presets no longer exist at all? Is there somewhere else on the Topaz website to discover and download these actions?

To access shared presets you need to select the public option that the found on the left.

you may need to collapse the menu options first to reveal the public option … this the achieved by hitting the blue button shown below

you can also access any plug-ins you already own from the plug-in menu and the presets should be still in there.


Thank you for your response but there are presets that are not showing up in search that I used to have access to in the plugin version of Impression II such as “Leroy Nieman” and “Woodstock”. (and Impression 2 cannot be reinstalled as an independent plugin outside of Studio)

Impression 2 can be reinstalled from the Previous Versions page: