What does VEAI performance look like between AMD/NVIDIA?

Its not about the bandwidth its about the speed.

Suraj (TL Developer) did mention that PCI-E speed does matter a lot.

VEAI is a random workload (you don’t know whats coming next) so the speed how fast your data is send from the cpu to the gpu does matter a lot.

And most of the time People speak about how PCI-E does matter in Gaming.

I don’t know anyone who did test PCI-E Speed for compute.

:thinking: “maybe” i will test it today (later), i just need to change link speed in bios, thats easy.

Just to check if i’m wrong.

Sorry I probably should have looked it up before saying anything.
Here’s a review of some tests done.
Looks like VEAI would indeed benefit form it. Games, not so much.