What causes these horizontal lines during motion and can video ai fix?

Hello. I have a number of videos that get what looks to be some weird interlacing effect on motion (e.g. hancock’s half hour BBC DVD). The lines appear when objects move, and the black lines vanish back to a normal picture when the motion stops. I think I saw it in the I Dream of Jeanie BluRay also, which I sent back as a result.

This is a screenshot from VLC of another 1080p showing the issue:

I tried running one of the HHH episodes through video AI, but it didn’t help. Is Video AI able to fix or lesson this issue of the “interlace” lines during motion? What model would be suggested?

Use interlace progressive, e.g. with Iris LQ

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I did a sample on the HHH dvd episode and it seems to have fixed it!!! I’ll run the whole episode tomorrow. Many many thanks!

What exactly is interlace progressive? I understand interlaced and progressive, but both together?

If your video sources are official dvds/blurays then they probably have interlaced content which your media player needs to deinterlace to view. If deinterlacing hasn’t been enabled then you’ll get those combing artifacts.

The bluray was likely fine, but just viewed without deinterlacing enabled.

This is when an interlaced source has been converted (ripped from a dvd /bluray) to progressive video without correct deinterlacing applied. The combing artifacts are baked into the progressive output.

If no resizing has occured you can usually treat an interlaced progressive video as interlaced, because the fields will be fully intact.

you probably need to deinterlace your source files before you process it in TVAI or select Interlaced option in TVAI.
You can check and see if your video is Interlace or progressive scan using MediaInfo


Thanks. Hancocks Half Hour is now watchable! Interlace progressive with Iris LQ eliminated 90% of the lines. It introduced a few other artifacts, but these not as bad as the original poor picture quality.

And yes, it is original BBC official DVD, very poor encoding on the entire series, not very good for the money you pay for the box set.

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