What can you do with a dime?


Not knowing the currency well enough I Googled it ---- silver ones are worth trading – but I assume that this one is worth Zilch – whereas the image is worth much much more

Very nice image, @dvine, and very creative use for a dime! And very creative processing!

Since you aren’t familiar with our currency, @el48tel, I thought i would show you what it (10¢) used to buy at your favorite restaurant…

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You been talking to Kathy? She knows my feelings about McD — been two times in 45 years and that was twice too often!

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No, I remember them from the old forum - of course the content from there only lives on in our memories now…

Even before the 14c hamburger the joke went

“Honey”. “You can’t get rich at 5 cents a burger”

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I think it’s difficult to try to work out what the prices mean regardless of which side of the globe. Perhaps needs to be taken in context of what the wages/salaries were like at the time and then what the expectations were for the folk dining there. Not wanting to do it because I have other things to do, but just thinking aloud (if a forum post can be considered as such).