What AI model are you using


I’ve been using Video AI for some time now, what a great piece of software!

But i’ve been reading that Apollo should be better than Chronos, which I have been using for my upscaling.

Which AI model have you been using and why?

I can’t see the big difference between the two.

For frame rate interpolation, I typically use Apollo to increase the frame rate of video. This is because it has a better time handling some weird cases I’ve seen in some videos.

As for upscaling:

  • I use Proteus for noisy videos or videos with heavy compression artefacts. This is because Proteus can typically reduce or remove these issues without looking “overly processed” like some of the Artemis models do
  • I use Gaia for high quality (low noise, low compression artefacts) footage, switching between standard Gaia and Gaia CG based on the footage. This is because on higher quality footage, Gaia typically produces a more detailed video than Proteus
  • And for some videos I use Proteus to remove noise then use Gaia to upscale. In some cases this produces better results than using just Proteus for upscaling, or Gaia for upscaling.

Chronos and Apollo both set out to achieve the same goal. Generate more frames. However Apollo seems to specialise in working with slo-mo in scenes with non-linear motion. So the differences will are more visible in slo-mo videos with non-linear motion.


Thanks for the reply.

At upscaling some Anime from dvd’s/ Blu ray’s at the moment. I’m using Chronos to convert 24/25 and 29,97 fps to 60 fps and the Artemis medium setting, because it looks best to my eye, after i previewed Apollo and Chronos.

After done this for a while, I have read that Apollo should been better for upscaling Anime, because it would do the picture more detailed?

I actually don’t know which AI model is better for increasing the frame rate on animated content. But if you read online that Apollo is better, then it may be worth investigating.

For frame rate interpellation e.g. 30fp → 6ofps , the documentation states Chronos Fast is most suited.


Just wanted to point to this post where I share some of the differences I have found in the three interpolation models. It probably needs to be updated, but generally is still true.

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what was your conclusion from your testing?

I really like Apollo, BUT I think I need to give Chronos (Not Fast) another chance.
Apollo Fast might be the best of all when it comes out.

Chronos fast didn’t work for me. It generated “false” frames og the video flickered. Have had the best result with Chrones :sweat_smile:

But started second guessing if i should change to Apollo, the pictures does look a bit more “clean”, but is about 2-3 slower than Chronos. I don’t think i looks a lot better :grinning: