We're not out of the woods yet

B&W sepia tone with some colour returned


Does your old tree know you are “cheating” on her with this beauty?

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and thanks for that because it is beautiful there!

Impressive tree and very nice processing

Love all the interesting details in this tree… great PP work and color tone.

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Grand old tree …lots of character and details.

@Kathy_9 she’s at least 100 miles away - I hope she never finds out and should she find out hope she will forgive me - it’s only been the one time
@Michigander - yes it’s the woods above the lake and river and the ruined abbey and the octagonal tower featured recently in other postings. We discovered it when we moved here and we’ve been back several times. It is a superb day outing. During our last visit we met half the population of Ontario and a substantial number from a Spanish speaking country. It is a World Heritage site.
@Laundromat @cre8art @BobKramer - thanks for the positive comments


Beautiful image! I like the composition and tones and it looks like a fun place to visit.

My daughter is a big Beatle fan. We just saw Paul McCartney and now she wants to visit Liverpool…

@KenKv yes it is a fabulous place to visit - but so is Liverpool ---- on the other side of the country!

I am not worried about seeing both - size is relative :wink:

mmm — moot point - but the infra structure in the UK means it would take at least 2 and a half hours to travel the 100 miles - in Texas you could travel another 40 miles or so. On weekdays — add another hour to travel!

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A lot of character in that old tree. Nice find.

thanks @digital2006