Went to the balloon festival at the weekend

Was very lucky to see the hot air balloons / Montgolfiers as the weather deteriorated (tail end of Maria)


Beautiful shot Terry ! I missed it here a few weeks ago !

Nice perspective and capture …

Great capture!

I think I could imagine myself in a basket, but not sitting in a chair!

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@OldGuy2 - yes we went early on Saturday morning and so glad we did so as the later take offs were cancelled because of the weather. It was only on the insistence of my daughter that we went. Been editing the 107 images I took on 2 cameras - Long way to go…
@BobKramer - thanks - I’m practicing my colour editing skills
@KenKv - yes likewise – a scary thought

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I thought the same thing… I never saw anyone sitting in chair before, thanks for sharing.

thanks @cre8art

The trip was at the instigation of my daughter - she HATES fairground rides - so imagine her comments!

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I always wondered what it would be like getting into one of these balloons. I guess i’ll always wonder because i’ll never get into one.lol. Very nice images.

I agree

@digital2006 and @JoeM — having seen the antics of the guys to keep the balloon from setting off without its crew and the tear-jerking manoeuvre climbing over a hard edged basket – climbing in AND flying at the whim of the wind ---- I think terra firma is safer

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Great sky photography !

@m.pierrealarie --merci pour votre commentaire constructif