We Have To Refresh Your Credentials…

  So, I got this when I brought up Photo AI this morning.


  It didn’t turn out to be as big deal, this time, but what if I was having an Internet outage at the time, and had important work to do with this program?  I could theoretically be prevented from being allowed to use a program that I have paid for the right to use.


Hi bob,
Make sure you recently been able to log into your account in a web browser with your account email

If so then the apps should also connect to your account. If they do not please make sure you do not have any VPN, proxy servers or anti-virus software running that can cause connection issues for the apps to reach our servers.

As a general note, If you are using a VPN, proxy, firewall, or anti-virus software, please add our sites to their safe lists. Our authentication occurs through these domains:






You can also clear your cookies and cache in the web browser you use and then log back in before clicking the activate option in the app.

  As is too often the case, you seem to have completely misunderstood my concern.

  My internet was fine, at the time this came up, but I had recently experienced a significant outage from my ISP.

  If I had been experiencing such an outage, at the time I tried to run this program, and had this come up, would I have been able to use the program, or would it have been unusable until my internet connection was reestablished?  I very much suspect the latter.

  Interruptions in my internet service are an issue between me and my provider.  Interruptions in my ability to use a program that I have bought and paid for is an issue between me and you; and I can see no acceptable excuse why my ability to use this program should ever be dependent on my access to the Internet.

Two options we can try to fix this:

  • Change the default browser on your computer and then activate with a different browser (hopefully it does not have similar security settings active)Change your default browser in Windows - Microsoft Support
  • Disable the security settings in Chrome temporarily to activate Topaz Photo AI. You can enable the security again after.

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