Way to remove frames or fields from telecine transfer

Hello. Have material that started as 16mm film, transferred to BetaCam SP on old “film chain”, and now digitized. Much of the video has fuzzy, ghost type images every once in a while. Is that the result of the film chain transfer, and can those frames be removed with Topaz?

I’m sure the 16mm film was shot at a different rate than the film chain transfer. I saw something referred to as telecine input flag, but can’t figure out where it is. Any help is appreciated. I attached a sample photos from the video

Telecine option is in the Input edit section.



Thank you. Do I check Telecined + Black & white + deintelace w dionne?

You can and then play with the settings based on what you get as a result.

I would avoid using the B&W option in Topaz as it adds a layer of blur to the video, like a fine layer of Vaseline. leave it unchecked, in most cases your B&W videos would come out just fine even when it is unchecked.

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Thank you!