Watermark won't go away

I’ve got a few days left on my subscription of three years. Since the change to v3, I haven’t been able to render anything successfully. I figure this will work out with patches, but the latest now requires me to log in every time, AND after logging in, the watermark doesn’t go away?!

The “Contact Us” link on the website now takes me to just a search bar for the KB.

Not looking to renew if the product and support keep getting worse…

Is there any way to fix the watermark issue?

Edit: Win 11. 32GB RAM. 2070 Super. Intel 10700.

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Same issue here.

same here!


This can happen on Windows if your auth file becomes read-only. Can you give the solution here a try?


I found out how to fix it. Delete the auth.tpz while the app is closed file and reload the app

C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\models


This did the trick. Thanks.