This is an image from my September trip to Colorado. Shortly after I arrived, a large group teenagers with parent chaperones joined me. Several young men were bold enough to walk out to the end of that log and jump in - some, more than once. Mind you that water is COLD; it’s snowmelt from the summits far above.

LR, Studio, Adjust

Second version with some tweaks to reduce the HDR-grunge look a bit.

LR, Studio, Adjust, Blurs adjustment, Simplify, Impression

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Like the first one …

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I also like the first one although in my opinon the HDR or grunge effect is a little too strong.

Thank you Don, Peter. @AiDon @Laundromat

Thanks for the input Peter. I agree, especially on the upper half of the image which was in deep shadow. I think I pushed the clarity and saturation in the shadows too far. I added a second version above with some minor tweaks. Maybe a little better.

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Hi Scott, the second version is much better. Thanks Peter