**WARNING** Update with care - NVIDIA Drivers to version 419.17/419.35

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Ok and where can you download the old version? thx

Sry i found it on the Topaz page. :wink:

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Hi, but Topaz does not test on nvidia and with the current nvidia 1050TI GCard & driver all graphic-photo-video programs will work. Last year there were problems with Adobe PhSh and LR Classic, because AMD drivers were also queried on an Intel PC during the update. Adobe didn’t say a word about it and after four months you could finally update, like a miracle ;-). Only at Adobe you can always downgrade to the old version if the current version should cause problems.

By cloud I mean software that can only be updated online. Today I got a VM- Topaz Studio.exe from the internet. No hack, these versions only work with the original credentials and now v1.12 runs without problems in a virtual machine. Now I can continue working until an updated original version works again, or I do a Clean Win10Pro installation during the Easter holidays.

Now the end of the story, the previous version 1.13 is in reality the 1.12.6 and crashes in the same way. As I said from the beginning this is a big crash from Topaz & Nvidia. I hope in the future new versions will be better tested.

Fortunately the VM-Topaz Studio runs here ;-).

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Firstly I know that Topaz does test using NVIDIA drivers, you can see that this issue has been limited to the 1050 and your 1050Ti cards. The issue only occured with the 20 Feb signed 419.35 drivers.

You can see from this thread that a person using only 2GB of memory on their 1050 card is OK.

I have 4GB of vRAM and using 418.81 all the latest versions of Topaz Products are working fine.

Are you running these applications on a Windows VM? If so on what operating system?

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Hi AiDon,

i know that Topaz does a good job and with all the Windows PCs it’s a miracle that it doesn’t happen anymore. I’m not annoyed any more about it, because there are 3 Windows PCs and 1 Linux PC here. Two of the Windows PCs have a Nvidia 960 and Topaz Studio 1.14.3 runs perfectly on it.

The affected PC has an Intel i7 and 16GB RAM so VM containers can run well on it. There is no VM software installed on it. The VM- Topaz Studio is packed like a portable software into a VM- Container and must be unlocked like the original version with the own access data. Since I didn’t create the container myself, I can’t give any further technical information about it.

Since the portable software versions run on an external SSD, you can use them on any PC without having to reinstall everything every time and you can continue working in the event of a crash, or on any other PC.

Just google for portable software and you will also find serious offers. :wink:

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Are you saying you don’t login with your own account?

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Not me Russell look at the post by themessi above yours.

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Yeah, sorry AiDon, I realize now, that I somehow got you tagged in that reply

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Are you saying this download supplies credentials granting access to all the adjustments, plugins, and gigapixel?

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Hi russelltarpley,

the vm-topaz studio runs with everything you paid for. AI Gigapixel & AI Sharpen is not included. In the VM-Container runs the v. 1.12.0 an is made with VMware.

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After further investigation it seems the issue is directly associated with the File-> Open Image dialog, only opened via the menu, but for those that don’t want to roll-back their NVIDIA driver there are two things you can do for the standalone:

  • Use the Ctrl+O command and open the file from that dialog, or
  • Drag a file on to the open application

@russelltarpley FYI, in some products just accessing the File menu causes and in others when the OK is clicked in the File Open … as it is also a C0000005 I suspect a pointer issue.

NOTE: If you are using Topaz Products as a Plugin or an External Editor to an application there are no issues.

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Hi Torcello,

Warez is software that works without any input of originally purchased serial number or access data, or have patches and keys with it.

The VM-Topaz Studio runs only with the original access data and has neither wrong keys nor a patch.

If you are familiar with VMware and also have the technical infrastructure, you can create various portable containers of the purchased software yourself.

I have this VM-Topaz running on a PC, because the 1.14.2 Topaz Studio update settings in the base system destroyed me and no matter which solution is taken, it always comes to a crash after the start of Studio. The PC will be reinstalled with a new Win10Pro during the Easter holidays. After that the old Nvidia driver is used and then I hope that the software works normally again.

VM-Topaz Studio is for customers who have paid for the software a solution and not a dubious Warez offer.

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I am running the 419.35 driver on Win 10/64 with 1050 Ti/4Gb (Studio at 1.14.3) and have no issues in any regard - with the File Open dialog, or anywhere else… yet.

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Thanks Topazlab, since today everything works as usual again :slight_smile:.

What has changed on my PC system since last week?

Nvidia 1050Ti driver installed, V.419.35
Win10_64Pro update patches installed
Oracle VM VirtualBox came installed as new software

Adopbe PhSh CC current version crashes since today I rolled back to the old version and runs. The rest of Adobe works fine.

Maybe companies will learn to communicate errors at some point :rage:.

In advertising we say: For a bug you have to do something positive ten times.

Have a nice weekend to all of you :camera:.
Best regards

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I had a similar problem with my Nvidia GTX 780 video card. But thanks to this theme I found the most stable version of the driver 418.96. But it only exists in the cuda_10.1.105_418.96_win10 package.

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A caution about updating Nvidia drivers- most are for new games, and if you don’t need it and you are not having any trouble, leave it alone!
If Topaz Studio requires an updated driver then Topaz can let us know.
It’s also wise to set a System Restore point before updating any drivers.

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There wont ever be a notification of that as the requirement with GPUs is to keep the drivers up to date. Many updates are fixes to bugs that have been reported and there are also PhysX updates.

If you install the driver and find it doesn’t work correctly go to Device Manager, Display Adaptors and then select the correct Adaptor, Double Click on it, select the Driver Panel and choose Roll Back Driver. There is no need to create a separate restore point as the install will do that for you.

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I somehow missed this one, and I’m almost reluctant to reply, but I always use File>Open Image with my Topaz products (except of course those that only work as plug-ins). Still no problems for me so far.

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Ai Don
I totally disagree- maybe Topaz requirement to keep drivers up to date (first thing Support blames for any problems and I doubt Topaz tests each new driver release), and the PhysX updates are usually only for games.
I ALWAYS read the Nvidia driver release notes before updating-

There you can identify if any bug fixes from prior driver and if they effect you.
And then I check the GeForce Community Drivers Board to see if any problems are being reported by users for the update-
So, if you had done this checking, and set a System Restore point before updating you could have avoided this whole mess. I’ve had enough past problems with wonky drivers. The System Restore point protects any of your other software/hardware that could’ve been damaged- common sense.

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You can “crack nVidia over the head” here by reporting driver deficiences etc.