Want to be an artist? Try NVIDIA’S latest app .. Canvas

NVIDIA have released an application that can take your doodles and turn them into a landscape painting. The application is called Canvas and you can download it from the link in this article here but it is only Windows and you need a RTX GPU…

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The June Studio Drivers (471.11) are out as well. Nvidia Downloads

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Thanks for the heads up, that looks fantastic! I already love throwing Topaz Impression on my landscape photos to make art, this type of app will save the trip to the original landscape :wink:

Here’s one I did the other day, my first time with Procreate, with art effects added in Dynamic Auto Painter.

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AiDon, I tried Canvas out, remoting to a PC in the office with the necessary beef. Great fun! Thanks again for the heads-up.

The image of the arch was a mistake, I had the eraser chosen and popped a hole in the mountain, but it worked! This one was also Gigapixeled 6X from the original 512x512px render and then treated in Studio 2 (AI Clear).

The rest are as-is, with some quick Photoshop correction.





Here’s my latest, enlarged from the original 512x512px output with Gigapixel 6x + 6x (shown here reduced) and further enhanced with Studio 2 > AI Clear. Still so thankful AiDon told us about this!

I just blogged about using NVIDIA Canvas along with Topaz Gigapixel and Studio 2, showing more of my recent work.