Virginia Beach

This was take at about 6 AM. Very colorful sky reflecting off the ocean.


August 2017 at 5:30 AM while most were sleep.

Nice image. I love those sunrise/sunsets that go from the horizon and span overhead and behind you.

Thanks for sharing.

Best regards

Thank you.


Beautiful capture. What processing did you use?

Great capture but…

  1. straighten the horizon
  2. add Clarity to the sky
  3. add a grad filter to the sky dark-top to clear-mid/horizon area
  4. saturate the blue a tad
  5. saturate the magenta and even add a little magenta in a seconde grad filter

I used PS and Clarity to add a bit of contrast and saturation. I forgot to post the process. Sorry about that.

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I’m going to work on it again using your valuable advice. Thanks so much.

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You have a good looking image here, do a few things to this image that Terry suggested and you’ll have a great looking image.

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Looking forward to seeing that - the capture was good and there’s a great image just waiting to be released

Will try to work on it this weekend and re-post. I’m actually looking
forward to working on it again. Thanks.

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