Videocard upgrade

I’m currently running a 3700X with 64GB ram and a GTX 1650, and contemplating a video card upgrade for TPAI. I’m torn between a 4060 or 4060Ti, I won’t be doing a lot of videos mostly photos. What would you suggest?

I haven’t heard good news about the performance of the 4060 and 4060 ti. I strongly recommend getting a 4080 if the 4090 is too expensive and if you really wamt to get more computing power for Topaz applications!

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The recommendation of Imo is sound advice. I do want to say that i am running a 4060 with what i think is reasonable success. The funtions of Topaz are pretty quick (my opinion). Like you I am working with photos and not video.

Hope this is helpful - Bill

It is purely for work, so no gaming whatsoever. I have a 6800XT at home which is a lot faster than the 1650 :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything more than the 4060Ti is more than I have budget for.

Personally, I’m recommendoing cards with “Ti” suffix - they have increased number of tensor cores and provides higher performance for aI-processing.
In my own experience 3060Ti works slightly (2-4%) faster then 4060 and 20% slower then 4060Ti (with TPAI v2.4, images 18,000x8,000), so if price is hard criteria - probably you can look at 3060Ti in scope…