VideoAI 4.0 install failure

Hi Guys, I have VideoAI 4.0 downloaded as per your email, and it will no longer install (all earlier versions do perfectly) on my Intel i7 -4960X 6-core 32GB with 3060Ti NVIDIA machine producing an error message

“Your CPU must support AVX2 instructions to install this program.” (I7 4960X supports AVX2)

I can install OK on my AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 6-core 32GB woth 3080Ti Nvidia.

WHY? I am running ifdentical Windows 10 64-bit OS on both systems.


Intel i7 4960X (Ivy Bridge E) released in 2013 does not support AVX2

Look here for the posts from @Akila :

If you’re somewhat tech-savvy you can do a manual install and apparently TVAI 4.0 will work.

Thanks Jacky – so that means I live in Topaz Ai v3 versions from now on. The recent upgrade to NVIDIA cards was pushing my present budget.

A complete CPU upgrade with new motherboard and ram pushes me off the scale.

I still don’t understand why Intel claim AVX and AVX2 support for this CPU – yet it is not accepted by Topaz Video AI 4?

I DO understand the need to appropriate higher efficiency processing.


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According to the official specification page of Intel,
the Intel i7 4960X (Ivy Bridge-E) does not support the AVX2 instruction set.