Video Ghosting

I’ve successfully enhanced an old VHS SD video to 4K and in doing so it had also got rid of severe interlace artefacts :smiley:. However I would now like to remove the bad ghosting as well. Is there an AI Model that can handle ghosting, anyone?
The video is a copy of a VHS recording of the final of the Short Track event held during the "Skate Electric British Challenge (inter-rink) Competition from the old Richmond Ice Rink in London in 1988 and broadcast by ITV/CH 4. It’s precious to me since I was one of the skaters in the final.

Here is a screenshot showing the problem: see white outline to left of figures

ramp up the de-halo option to reduce this effect.

Hi, but where is the de-halo control as I don’t see one. :confused:

Hi again, I’ve found a de-halo effect in Resolve. It is in a Topaz Labs Plug-in. It’s called “Dione Robust Dehalo”. I’ve added the effect to the timeline video track and the “Enhance” slider is slid to ON, but nothing seems to be happening, no progress bar or anything to say something is working or not.
The video monitor window is not showing any difference, the halo is still there.
Any answers?
Perhaps Topaz are working on a plug-in upgrade?, is this plug-in possibly still in the Beta phase?

You will also find in in the Proteus and Iris model when using “relative to auto”. As I am exclusively using the standalone application I can not speak for the plugin though.

Hi, halo is usually caused by over-sharpening edges and is more noticeable against dark vs light edges. In my opinion the Topaz de-halo has never done anything other than blur the entire image (doesn’t do anything about halo at all) so it’s useless for this type of thing. What is usually required to reduce the effect is a high pass filter on just edges but chances are you won’t completely get rid of it and certainly not with Topaz.

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