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I find no options available for customizing the video file format for the output; VideoAI just produces a .mov file. Unfortunately, that file format does not seem to be accepted by other software I have.

Both Cyberlink Powermedia and Corel’s VideoStudio fail to open the resulting output. It is a reasonably sized file, but I get a message “cannot open this format” or “no video information in the file”.

Can you recommend software that can open these files and convert them to a more widely acceptable format?
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That is most likely you leaving the default on ProRes, which is only available as “mov”.
try changing it to H.264 or H.265, then you can select mp4/mkv…


I did make that change but I still could only output a .mov file

look below that, CONTAINER !!

Scroll your mouse down a bit on the right pane (where all your settings are set) and you will see the full Output settings where you can select the format/container


You can also set it as the default export settings, that way you won’t need to change it each time you process a video.

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