Video Enhancer AI isn't using GPU (VEAI 2.6.2)

So I have a bit of a strange issue.

I am running VEAI version 2.6.2 and the latest NVIDIA Drivers for my RTX 2080 Ti (Version 497.09)

Even though I have the GPU selected in my settings, when I start to process the video, it’s my CPU doing all the rendering. My GPU is only displaying the preview. I can even minimize VEAI and the GPU will be doing no work what so ever while my i9-9900k will be almost maxed out on all 8 cores and 16 threads rendering the frames.

Why is the software not using the selected GPU ?

Been a full month, so I figured I check in to find out if there be any update as to why VEAI is using my CPU for rendering over the selected GPU. Apparently no one has any insight on this as no one has replied. So guess it support ticket time as I much rather have the program using the selected GPU for speed.

Hey Scott, Ida here- just updating this thread to reflect that it was answered through a support ticket

I have the exact same problem with exact same specs on my PC.
CPU almost Maxed, GPU occasionally 3% but mostly 0%. Selected my 2080 TI in the prefernces.
May i get a support ticket answer as well?

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GPU utilization depends on a lot of factors, including the different models used and the parameters you are using. The current architecture of Video Enhance AI both on mac and windows doesn’t use the GPU between frames that may lead to lower GPU utilization numbers. Once Video Enhance AI uses the GPU for output encoding the utilization would be more than 90%.

Also what are you using to track your GPU performance? If you are using Task Manager it is important to note that Task Manager is not the most reliable source of information for GPU and CPU consumption. To get a better idea of how the app is utilizing your GPU, you will want to switch from 3D to Graphics_1.

Furthermore, please make sure that you have your VRAM usage set to high. This can be found by navigating to File > Preferences and will be the second option under AI Processor.

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I found that using onboard HP performance monitor on my computer was much better than Task Manager. Also, did not know that with NVIDIA GPU, there are game drivers and studio drivers.
For anyone else at this dilemma - one thing that helped: With NVIDIA GPU, you want to install and select STUDIO DRIVERS. With the studio drivers, my GPU use on VEIA went from 0%-3% to 35%-45%.

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Great work Scott! Yes, we recommend always updating to the latest Studio Driver, if one is available for your driver.