Video Enhance v2.6.4

I wanted to buy Topaz Video for Macbook pro c m1, downloaded the demo version, launched it with the Chops fast 1, 2, 3 model, tried all the options, the program crashes

Feature: Why do we have to click “edit all” each time we run a batch job? why not making the opossite the default? I mean, the bast mayority of people using a batch job queue will want to process them automatically…

Bug: Getting random crashes when processing batch jobs, I’m processing ~50 short mp4 (gifs converted to mp4). Using an nvidia 3080. Lowered the memory usage bar to minimum, still getting crashes and totally random.

all this is too late, and the 2.6.4 will not be updated with bug fixed. VEAI 3.0 is in developpement and will be available soon, with a complete new GUI, and new feature. batch processing completly changed (it’s not implented yet but will be soon).

the edit all button is not the default, because there are people who does batch job with video using different setting, not the same one for all the videos imported, so it’s a matter to know which is the most used i think.

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competly stupid comment absolutly not shared by most of community who are doing all the tests. (there are always people who will never be satisfacted).

i just write this for the people here, who read your message and think it’s true, no it’s not. the 3.0 is very impressive since the last beta, there are still some issues and bugs to fix of course, but i’m sure when it will be released, lot of people will prefer this new version.

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the edit all button is not the default, because there are people who does batch job with video using different setting, not the same one for all the videos imported, so it’s a matter to know which is the most used i think.

I really, really don’t think that the mayority of the people will prefer to click to select all everytime we want to use the batch processing (like now). The UI invites to use batch processing, the program supports it and it feels natural to use that feature, thus I think this feature by default should be ticked. Its in the nature of the program.

What I’m trying to say is that its more natural | feasible that people will use batch processing than one by one in general, and the later, will be fiddling with settings anyway so having to do one more click would not be a problem for them.

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as said it’s too late, 2.6.4 will not be updated, and 3.0 will feature an another way to process certainly when implanted batch. we’ll see !

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It is YOUR opinion, like I wrote mine. Do not speak for others.
I am software developer with 30 years of experience. I know what I am writing about.
Crap version, crap UI, wrong UI decisions. REVERT. Back to drawing board.

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I do suggest for anyone interested in getting better performance on mid-range Nvidia GPUs / laptops to check out the latest 3.0 beta, so far with Artemis it seems to be a much needed improvement speed wise. Gonna test it on my desktop tonight and hope I can use my 3070Ti to its full potential, as I was originally disappointed to see the ‘only’ doubling of speed improvement from my Vega 56 to RTX card.

For an RTX A1000 (2048 core, 50W @ 1300-1500MHz, laptop variant) I went from 0.28s per frame (2.6.4, 720P → 1080P, MP4 high quality) to 0.18-0.20s a frame for the same settings. Quality looks about the same as well for the AI improvements, though I do note that the previews are lower quality / not ‘infinite’ resolution like in 2.6.4 because I figure it uses a real frame rather than an export from the AI’s interpretation before real encoding (Or something, lol)

Well, I have to say something again, aside from the aspect ratio issue (mentioned earlier, although it’s been in beta 3.0 for a long time too). After about half a year, when I was preparing to test 3.0 last December or earlier, I did a lot of testing with some versions of 2.0, and recently found a problem when checking some videos that were processed several months ago. That is the bug of shortening the time of the video, which may be related to frame loss, or it may be related to the dvd video with a frame rate of 29.97, in short, it still appeared. The video is missing about 1s. After playing, it is found that the audio track and the video are out of sync in the second half of the video. After checking by mediainfo, it is found that the video picture is missing by 1s (forgive me for not being accurate to ms). This is not always the case, some DVD videos of the same type will appear and some will not be so serious (all have this problem. But the difference between “normal” videos is between 100-300ms, which is acceptable, after all, the audio and video synchronization is not particularly obvious. .) . I searched the posts and answers in the forum, and found that there are many people who have this problem, but unlike me, a tester answered that it was because of the version, and he said that it would not appear after upgrading to a certain version. But I tested with exactly the version he said and 2.6.4 which is higher than this one. The result is not getting the correct video. So now I’m at it again, hoping to be seen, try to correct it if possible, and don’t let it happen in 3.0. (By the way, one more thing, in addition to the mediainfo detection, the total duration of the video on the panel has been shortened when veai is imported. For example, the original video is 22 minutes and 2 seconds (including the audio track of course), and it becomes 22 minutes and 1 second after importing.The results after the output can also be imagined.)

Ive been trying to upscale hd 240fps .mov files from my GH6 and many of the files end up like this. When I watching processing I can see it processes a random frame from else where in the video between the frames in order. Not sure if Im doing anything wrong. Ive tried Normal and High quality Artemis and Proteus but the below is the best I can do


Link if embed doesnt work: P1000115_3840x2160_prob-3 | Neil Phillips | Flickr

As a software developer for 30 years, you clearly know the saying above cannot apply to software development, because no software ever works perfectly and needs to be constantly updated. Otherwise you would have been out of a job long ago. I also hope you enjoy using all your 1.0 versions of software programs because there was no reason to ever upgrade them. Yes, I am being facetious, but only to illustrate my point :grin:.


It’s not always the perfect software argument for constantly updating, but marketing tactics and profit margins. The last thing any for-profit developer wants, is stale software. Just changing the GUI alone, with new colors and screen layout and then tack v2.0 on the label, will get people to buy/upgrade. Just like Windows 11 for example, leave everything under the hood alone and just give it a new look will prompt people to buy it. And then later, when that doesn’t work, make threats of non-support.

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Little question: Has anyone ever used this model of graphics card?

And if so, how much and the computational speed for a 1920x1080 to 1920x1080 video with the Proteus model.
I’m asking because I need to change my graphics card to replace my RTX 2080 which is died at the end of August.

My current RTX 2080 had a speed of 0.27 - 0.28 seconds per frame with the latest proteus model. I wonder if with the RTX 3070 the speed will be faster or not.

PS: The web page is in Dutch because the card is cheaper on than on other Amazon.

Why not buy it, try it and return to Amazon when it does not fulfill what you need. That gives you in your own test environment the best answer

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I think it’s scratching to get a laugh. Also, given the current price I’m not going to buy this right away. Because too expensive. I’m waiting for the Black Friday in early November.

This one seems to perform better from what I saw on its benchmark
MSI GeForce RTX 3070 SUPRIM X 8 Go GDDR6 au meilleur prix | Septembre 2022 |
And it is not much more expensive

To prevent duplicate frames, out of order frames and colour deviation. I always convert my video file to a lossless PNG image sequence, then I import that image sequence in Topaz.

Maybe this works for you too.

FYI, there’s not really much difference between 3060ti, 3070ti and 3080ti (lol) in Topaz Video Enhance AI (2.6.4), especially if you don’t have a really fast/new CPU and high speed RAM (3600MHz on Ryzen 5000).
For gaming, a 3070 is plenty/fine, I got a ASUS TUF 3070ti (235W OC/UV) and it performs within 10% of a 300W 3080Ti (OC/UV), both with a 5800X or 5700X + 32GB 3600MHz RAM. So, 720P → 1080P upscale with Artemis Medium is 0.14-0.15 seconds a frame (3080ti) vs 0.15-0.17s a frame on the 3070ti. If there’s a used market where you live, check that out as well, but personally I’d avoid any 3070s above $500 USD (to local currency + Tax) as there will be a lot of people upgrading and selling if they can afford a 4080 16GB (lol.)

The speeds you are telling me I had with my RTX 2080. I mainly wanted to know what it was like from 1080 to 1080 with the Proteus model. And as far as used cards go, I’d rather not. I don’t know how the card was used. But if anything, it might be an end of life card lol.
And my CPU is an Intel i9 9900K with 95W.
Anyway, I should also change my power supply to one of minimum 850W or 1000W. My 650W power supply won’t be powerful enough for an RTX 3070, and I’m going to buy this set at the Black Friday sale. So the price will be more reasonable already.

If you have a ‘good’ power supply, then I wouldn’t worry about replacing it if it works well. My ‘290W’ 3070Ti was turned down to 235-245W and runs happily off a 5 year old 600W EVGA power supply (even at 300W full power), and a 145W Ryzen 5800X. Your CPU might be a part of the limiting factor for speed if you do upgrade, unless you have an overclocked 9900K which should be close enough to the current series. For gaming, sure, it’ll be a decent improvement I think (like 20-30% faster, and in raytracing a bit more)

So basically, until this software gets faster, this is the best you’ll get with the current software or with Beta v3 is lower power usage with your current graphics card, and maybe a slight speedup if it is power limited, but otherwise getting a new graphics card won’t help much in my opinion. Disappointing, yes, but only super fast (3090) or two graphics cards (won’t be much good for you, as your board won’t have dual PCIE 4 x8 mode) will get you the benefits you’re expecting