Video Enhance TIFF Post Processed To Photoshop

I am looking for some advice on how to best batch process the individual TIFF frames using Photoshop or other tool. It seems to me that at the frame level this would be the best/most comprehensive way to color correct/add effects post-VEAI processing. Thoughts?

I suggest importing the frames into photoshop as a video (this is available from the Open menu), then converting the video layer to a smart object. Then you can apply any Photoshop filter or effect as you would to a single image. You can also cut the video into scenes and correct them individually, if necessary. After you are finished, you can output as video or as individual frames.

I have done this myself successfully many times.

You can also import your tiff files as an image sequence in your video editor. You can then do your color corrections / effects as you would with any other video file and export as tiff sequence should you want to keep them as tiffs. Both Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve will do this.