Video Enhance AI v1.5.3

Download: Windows , Mac . Released August 31, 2020.


  • Mac Crash Fix
    Fixed an issue on Macs where Gaia would crash on all machines and all models would crash on pre-10.15 machines
  • Windows Openvino Support
    Fixed an issue where Openvino wasn’t properly getting selected
  • Windows missing DLL
    Added a DLL for those who have not already installed Microsoft Redistributable Package 2019.

CPU slowdown problem has now been fixed!

Very happy customer, thanks for fixing it!! :smiley:

If I load more videos in the gui for batch processing, it waits a few minutes to switch to the next video, after the previous has finished, and this happens every time by switchting to the next video… I noticed that during the waiting time, the next video starts immediately if I just move the mouse without clicking anything ?! strange.

I then tried to use the command line, but it only starts if I don’t use the -m switch. -m 4 (123) does not work… :frowning:

VEAI 1.5.3 / Windows 10 Pro 64bit 2004 / GTX 1070 8GB

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It could be that the OS is putting our app to sleep or something. Feel free to send your logs to support so we can take a look. Sorry about this. The command line does have some known issues. The m flag specifically now takes a model name but we haven’t had time to update the docs. I think if you put in a bad value it should print the available options?

it does not print any available options… I made a log file but there is not much infos in it… where can I upload it? … I think in a previous version (1.5.1?) there was no waiting time, but I deleted the installer and can’t download a older version.

Command line parsing (Windows version) seems to be either broken or poorly documented. As mentioned previously, -m 0 launches the GUI but doesn’t start batch processing, and -f and -o parameters are entirely ignored - the app always saves to JPEG in a folder of its own choice.

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The following are the new model -m options which fixes VEAI opening and doing nothing. Unfortunately -o is broken :frowning: in so many versions of VEIA, I have given up . The following should help you get around Topaz team old documentation. Matt posted that the Topaz VEIA team have put veai commandline as low low priority, which is unfortunate when they were so close to having a fully functional command-line interface which could have been used to interact with other video applications. I hope they invest more time in systems that have resources, Intel Xeons, Ryzen, Threadripper, Eypc with multiple GPUs.

Topaz VEAI Model 0,1,2,3 = Theia-Fidelity, Theia-Detail, Gaia HQ, Gaia CG, Artemis-HQ, Artemis-LQ
-m thf-1.0.1
-m thd-1.0.1
-m ghq-1.0.1
-m gcg-1.0.1
-m ahq-1.0.1
-m alq-1.0.1

How can i turn off the “Do you want to exit” message if i stopped the process?

After updating to v1.5.3, I get a Write Access Error. Gives me prompt about having permission and ensuring video is <8k. I’m trying to run a 100% noise/deblock on a 1080p video. Nothing changed except for updating to this version. Used 1.5.1 earlier in day with no problems.

Same issue here. Most of the time I can get it to work if I change the output folder to a different one than the source folder (under preferences). Also, for me this problem goes away if I change the output to any mode other than mp4.

Likewise…regarding the output type. But have not yet been successful in getting it to work once as I cycle through different destination folders. Is there a way to revert to older version?

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