Video Enhance AI v1.2.2 - Stability improvement & old devices support

Download: Windows, Mac. Released May 6th, 2020.

Major features

  • Improved the speed performance for MAC version. Now it won’t slow down when processing long videos.
  • Improved stability. Now nearly all the AI engine issues are fixed.
  • Old devices support. Now WIN Nvidia GPUs later than 750TI (with compute capability >= 3.5 & VRAM >=3.0 GB) and older MAC hardware up to 2012 are supported.


  • Now after installation, there will be a webpage pop up including the key info for VEAI processing. Users can also check it under the “help -> key processing info” entry.


  • Minor GUI refinement & bug fixes

Thanks alot for the new version in such a short time!
Will test it tomorrow and let you know my experience. :slight_smile:

thank you so much
In previous versions of Video Enhance AI my old CPU xeon X5470 was 4x faster Upscale Frame than the my 780 Ti graphics card.(Driver Nvidia was update) I hope this version solves this problem.

edit : wow
It’s unbelievable
Previously versions , each frame takes 10-15 seconds, Now whit new v1.2.2 Version 5 frames upscale in a secend !!!:heart_eyes:

more 50x more speed Upscale in 780ti
i am Happy :blush:

1.2.2 freezes on Initializing AI Engine every time, 3 different video. MSI 1060 6GB / Win 10 x64


I had been using the initial PC release version 1.0.1 (I also see it listed as 1.0.2?) as soon as the program first came out with only 3 settings - HQ, CG, and LQ. I discovered the LQ settings had some very specific uses and gave the best results on old Playstation One video files with a resolution of 640x150. Unfortunately, upgrading to the latest release, none of the settings give the same results.

To my amazement, the V 1.0.1 (or 1.0.2?) LQ setting revealed a line of the text on the tombstone in a video reading “Human Entertainment…” which was the name of the developer of this game. I guess they thought the resolution would be too low to tell. This was never discernible on my other traditional blowups - bicubic, lanczos, spline, etc. All 4 settings on V 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 do not give the results of the LQ setting from 1.0.1/1.0.2. It wasn’t perfect for everything, but I just generally prefer how the old LQ setting made these particular videos look. Can this please be added back under a new LQ name? The more settings the merrier right? And if not, I need to try to get the old version back on my system to complete my project.

Also note that Artemis HQ adds some strange white dots that faded into this shot and were very distracting - none of the other settings produced this. This occurs on 1.2.1 and 1.2.2. I can see this setting would otherwise be useful (without the white dots) on some others shots, but still would greatly prefer the original LQ be added back somehow. Also, I’m not including Gaia HQ since it looked absolutely unusable with this source.

Source Image - 640 x 150

V 1.0.1 LQ Setting (BEST) - Look at “Human” on the tombstone

Artemis HQ (Notice the random white spots)

Artemis LQ (almost pixelated appearance)


Update: I was able to find an installer that gives me version 1.1.0 with the original 3 settings, including the original LQ:

2nd Update: I kept seeing mention of the Artemis MQ mode that was removed and thought it might be the equivalent of the original LQ mode. I tracked down a copy of V 1.2.0 and turns out the original LQ was an entirely different setting from MQ. The original LQ is in a league of it’s own for this particular source material.

Artemis MQ

I have tested and compared versions 1.1.0, 1.2.0, 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 for the LQ (low quality profile).

The denoising which was working fine in1.2.0 is no longer present in 1.2.1 and 1.2.2. Somehow, the updates have removed the denoising ability.

When I choose Keep audio in 1.2.x, the audio is out of sync with the video.

My config : Nvidia RTX 2080 SUPER, Intel Core i7-9700F

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So no Artemis-MQ, and the same quality as 1.2.1, which is a step DOWN from 1.2.0.

Sadly, it’s beginning to look like Artemis-MQ from 1.2.0 represents a pinnacle in quality and results that are not going to be seen again. And this version only stayed online for a short time before it was taken down. Maybe it was too good?

I hope people saved their downloads.

My AI engine problem is finally fixed. Thanks!

Mee too 2070s

Edit: false alarm, it tooks longer.

Thx for the Update, but 1.2.2 is even worse.

1.0.2 is still the king, if you want to upscale anime, because it had fewer blue spots.


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I exported my file as a tiff 16 sequence. They do not work imported into Adobe Premiere.

Version 1.2.2 is faster at processing. A 480p to 4k movie at 1.5hrs took about 23hrs and now it is under 16hrs with same settings
Using a Rtx 2080 ti 11gb, Intel i3-8300 with 32gb ram.

Crazy disappointed in this release. I was running 1.1.0 and with my 1080ti and rendering 1080->4k upscales took 1.5-2 sec per frame. Now, not only does it take 4-5 times longer to initiate the A.I renderer, my render time is taking 25-30 sec per frame!!! This isn’t right! Wtf happened?

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My other computer is a i5-8600 with a gtx 1060 with 8gb ram. I was doing 480p to 4k with it running at .8 fps on cgi-hq
My main computer i3-8100(going to upgrade soon), rtx 2080 ti, 32gb ram is doing 480p to 4k on cgi-hq at around .4fps

This version finally runs on Macpro 2013. With a Xeon 6 cores I arrive at a speed divided by four compared to my MacBook Pro 2014 core i7.
The ratio is between version 1.2.2 on Macpro and version 1.2.1 on macBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is still calculating a sequence at this time. I could test 1.2.2 on it later today.
On the other hand, in terms of the quality of the rendering, it is the same as 1.2.1. Only Gaia CG has an exploitable result and I still have to go through 1.1.1 before for the first time in LQ 100% denoise Deblock to gain in quality (sharpness, denoising).

People should not have to be going to old versions to get quality improvements. New versions of the application should be improving it, not making it worse. Speed improvements at the cost of quality is unacceptable, IMHO. At the very least there should be options to turn off faster processing if it means a quality improvement.


Hello, I would like to know when we can export Prores 4444 and H265? Thank you


Fortunately I saved all versions since 1.1.0. I’ll test MQ later when I need to upscale some SD mp4s.

2070s + i9-9900ks

1.2.2 is 2x faster than 1.2.1 when 1x denoising.

V1.2.2 Doesn’t ever run a preview just like V1.2.1 !
Still using v1.2.0, please fix this bug!

HP Z620
Windows 10 Pro x64
Dual (2x) Intel Xeon E5-2670
RX470 (4GB)
All HDDs are SSD and NvMe