Video Enhance AI v1.0.2 -- Initial Release

Download: Windows. Released February 10, 2020.

Major features

  • for Windows 10, support nVideo GTX 10xx with >=4GB VRAM
  • Support many different video input format
  • 3 A.I. models for: (1) high-quality video source, (2) computer-generated/animated video, (3) low-quality video source.
  • Preview rendering. Can pause and check for each frame during the looping.
  • Batch processing of multiple videos
  • Output video format: mpeg4, PNG sequence, 8-bit, 16-bit TIF sequence. (video only)
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Is it free to test? or need to buy license?

Interesting.Could Use More Video Options for output.
More Video Card options for Video Acceleretion.


My computer specs.
Alienware Aurora R8 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 9900K (8-Core/16-Thread, 16MB Cache, Overclocked up to 4.7GHz on all cores)
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti GDDR6 (Over Clock Ready)
Installed Memory (RAM) 32GB Dual Channel HyperX™ DDR4 XMP at 3200MHz
850W EPA Bronze PSU Liquid Cooled Chassis
Photoshop CC Version 20.0.4 release Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1903
Internet provider Century Link fiber optic Gigabit

I downloaded a 30-day trial. The download and installation went very smoothly with no hiccups. I was curious to see if the improvement was actually noticeable, and of course how long processing would take. I was impressed with the results. As my first test, I took an 8-second clip and ran it through Video Enhance AI. It correctly identified my video card and I set processing to 200. The estimate shown for processing was 10 minutes. It actually took 11 minutes and 15 seconds. This worked out to 1.45 seconds per frame for my machine. Understand, my machine is a rather fast machine and your times could be considerably different.

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Hey Terry, can you tell if the CPU or GPU is making the difference? I’m getting ~10s/frame with a Ryzen 1600 + GTX 1050. I don’t game much on PC so I’ve never had reason to think about upgrading anything on the system until this workload. Now I’m trying to decide if to upgrade to a GTX2060 or a Ryzen 3800X. Alternatively getting a 1650 super and a 3600 if only upgrading one component creates a bottleneck.

Note that currently Video Enhance AI only supports NVIDIA 10xx and above GPUs … It does not support AMD.

Thanks AiDon, any advice on upgrading? Upgrading just the CPU seems like the least effective option based on some more reading. I’m now thinking to keep my AMD R5 1600 for now and go for a GTX1660 as the best bang for buck upgrade.

Appreciate any advice and thanks for even taking the time to read this, whoever you are :-).

Hi majatt, Video Enhance automatically identified my video card and auto selected CPU. I didn’t attempt to change it. By the way, you would be very smart to follow AIDon’s advice. He knows much more about this and other Topaz software then I ever will and he’s helped me out many times. Even with the liquid cooled system I have, with this software my machine will kick into overdrive many times during processing to keep itself cool and produce those results.

It seems like a good choice, but as it is specifically for Video Enhance AI just raise a support request at the main website and ask if it is a reasonable choice … It seems to be because NVIDIA only offers the 6GB option, has good cooling, and the clock speed can be boosted.

Thank you very much, I’ll do that!

Looks Like program depends on Video Features in the cards with 6Gig Plus Vram for chipset features. A Work Around Would to use CUDA .I have Divinchi Resolve Studio That Uses CUDA But Also Uses OpenCL.They Have Versions for Windows and Mac.

Any way to get the MP4 output to be h264 instead of (the incredibly old) h263?


I downloaded the trial version hoping that it would improve some old videos that I have. They were originally done on SVHS then transferred to digital in h264. 320X240. I have to say if there was any improvement it was negligible either at the original size or enlarged. I also tried it on video shot at 3000mm in 4K and there was a noticeable improvement but I got artifacts. I expect that it will keep improving like the other AI programs (De-noise AI is amazing now) and I would love to grab it during the sale but I wonder how long it might be before I will see results for my videos. Hard decision, considering the cost.

I wanted to grab it as well. At $199 (on sale) this is their most expensive product-- ever, as far as my memory serves me. Why so much? I’m pretty sure the process for filtering is pretty much the same as for what they’ve been doing on the still frames? Guess video is the “IN” thing and one can just ask more for it. But, then I noticed the the planned costs are $199.00 year there after (if you want to keep receiving upgrades or product improvements on it-- it’s in the FAQ section). That’s too steep for my hobby budget. So, it looks like this will be the first TL product that I’m going to have to pass on. If they would charge a more reasonable $12-20/yr for continued upgrades, I could possibly justify it.

I’m also a little concerned about the move into video by TL. They have been running a little behind on fixing known issues and continued development on some of their flagship products. I’m worried that they are spreading themselves too thin and possibly see some quick cash in the video market as most of the development for this product was done on their still-frame side. Time will tell.

I wonder how you base this pricing and come to this conclusion? Especially when even Adobe premiere would cost $239.88 per year.

And, that’s why I switched from PS to TL 5+ years ago-- and the promise of free upgrades was a big factor in my switch. I quit Adobe with CS6 because of their new pricing structure. I cannot afford subscription pricing for my hobby. TL can get something from me (minimal upgrade fees) or, they can get nothing from me and I’ll be (unfortunately) probably looking for another product when my TL stuff becomes outdated and is no longer usable as a tool. Up to this point, I’ve been a HUGE fan of TL-- as stated, I own all their products-- up until now. I hope they will reconsider their new-products and upgrade pricing strategies at least for those that have been with them for years.

As for “How did ( I ) base my pricing” for TL products. I based it on years of past performance. If they could grow the product at $50-75 for a new product and upgrades for life. Surely, with more people buying their products today, they can continue the model with limited increase in costs as they should have greater revenue than ever. My advice: Keep the company small and do what they do best. However, if their goal is now to be the new Adobe and take over the market, I can only wish them well and say Good-bye as they are not the mom-and-pop store for us hobbiests that they once were.

Greetings, David K. Manuel here. I have been tasked with choosing a solution for increasing resolution of video for projects here at Hinge, a Portland, OR based VFX studio. I was excited to see Topaz Labs offering a desktop solution for video. I am already a fan of gigapixel and when my trial runs out in nine days or so, we will likely grab that full license.
QUESTION: Is the trial of Video Enhance AI a limited version? I have tried several times to uprez a sequence from 1080p to UHD but it discards my settings when the processing button is pushed. It drops it to a middle resolution and also does not follow through with my request for PNG output, but does an mp4 instead. I need to get some understanding of what is happening so the partners can feel confident, but if I can’t demonstrate the full process with the trial version, they are very unlikely to push the buy button on this. Thanks in advance for any help. If you need any information about my setup here at Hinge, just shoot me a message. Big thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Please raise a support request at the Topaz Labs website as this is a user to user forum.

It crashed when I use CUDA (GeForce GTX 1080). Using CPU is just too slow.
Has anyone any success using it with this video card?

I’m running windows 8.1
It would be great if I can buy a pass to the web based version for the same price.

Where can I file bug report?

Windows 8.1 is NOT a supported platform, it is Windows 10 only.