Video Enhance AI Suggestions / Improvments

Here are a few things that I think would go a really long way to the usability of the software (Video Enhance AI). I like the products results, and these are more tweaks to continue the polishing on the product.

  1. Provide a way to select and compare the output of several AI engines on the same screen at the same time side by side, with a slider (like the website) and also user defined which ones to overlap (maybe even a feature to 100% between two different ones. So we can pick the best engine with greater ease.

  2. arrange the que of files so that you can see what the target engine is while its rendering. Often I have jobs running for day(s) and forget. Maybe even consider moving the que so its vertical, and not horizontal.

  3. When a file is in the que, the ability to right click on it, and spin up a new session for those with head room on the hardware to handle such a event. Right now I have to guess how many to put in what que, would be nice to build a que, and promote jobs out into a new que to get more utilization of GPU for example. Maybe even better, an automatic way to break of clips or ques to manage the performance on its own. (for example, if you export in PNG sequences, it will auto start multiple ques for bets performance, and self monitor to maximize the work).

  4. a estimated completion time for the current file + all jobs in the que

  5. a Pause que, that persists after a reboot please.

  6. a plug in Adobe Premier / effect. This would be handy for when different engines have different results, to que select the engine clip by clip. In those times where you want to edit and have the ability at some point in the future to go back to work and have it used updated engines when they are available . adding as an effect would make this easier to manage / organize.

  7. Last, add post process actions. Like move the source to a directory etc. I find that when I have so many of these projects on the go, I can start to get confused about what work has been done, and what is still waiting. It could be very handy to add an action for example to the source clip, to move to a directory called “Completed” when the process is done.

How about something to get rid of the confetti effect from low light filming. And yes, something for faces.