Video Enhance AI renders videos washed out

All tested versions of Video Enhance AI (2.0.0 to 2.4.0) render my MOV inputs to a slightly but noticable washed out output if I use 100% denoise or set my settings manually to 1920x1080. Crop can be switched on or off - doesn’t matter.
This happens in all models. I tried the same with TIFF or PNG - these are sharp looking.

After further studying I found out, that the total width, which is send to the renderer must be one pixel to high. It looks like the video is stretched in width one pixel.

You can test this if you take a full HD MOV video, use any model and take 2 different outputs. One can be MOV or MP4 and one maybe TIFF or PNG. Then open any video software and compare the video to the first image (or any other). You’ll notive a slight shift on the right side of the image. The left side looks normal, but it increases the more you go to the right.

This happens on all videos I’ve tested.