Video Enhance Ai- Noise reduction suggestion

Although this software works fairly good at removing noise, It would be nice if a slider adjustment was added to provide some level of increased noise reduction capability, more than is provided in the standard selections. Many of my older 640x480 videos need more noise reduction than is provided by this software.

Upscale it to 1080p using Handbrake or Adobe or something, then use Gaia HQ to denoise and deblock.

for me i find it reduces noise too much … neatvideo denoised better with minimal loss of detail. I would like it to denoise less? there is not a json file to modify for that ??

The last two AI models have a reduce noise slider but your saying these videos need more than the model “Artemis Low Quality” provides? Because it’s quite heavy.

Handbrake doesn’t let you upscale videos and Adobe’s scaler is not great, even if you select “Render at maximum quality”. Why would preforming the scaling in another application be different than using Gaia HQ and scaling in VEAI?

It’s hard, but not impossible to upscale using Adobe or Handbrake. The problem is, VEAI applies the filters based on the quality and resolution of the video inputs. Upscaling low quality (480p) videos will produce a lot of artifacts here and there all over the place. When scaling to 1080p using other software, it will help VEAI not upscaling what it can’t upscale (texts, far away faces, trees…). AI is great, but human is greater. It needs human’s help after all. Unless the devs fix the artifact issue, I will only recommend doing that if you’re trying to upscale 480p movies. You can try it yourself or just use VEAI only if you want. But this is based on my own testing on hundreds of DVD + Blu-ray with my 20/15 eyes. I’m pretty sure it will give you a great result than upscaling 480p straight to 1080p or even 4K.

Use Theia models instead.

It also depends on your upscaling algorithm and what your software supports:
bilinear is going to reduce artifacts but make it blurry
bicubic (.60 or .75) gives you a decent image, with artifacts
lanczos is very detailed but maybe too much, however if you are using a noise reduction algorithm this might be the best one
I’ve never tried Spline or Jinc but I heard they are good too.

I only use Gaia HQ or Artemis HQ to denoise. I also don’t use Handbrake since Video Proc is better for me.

for me dione tv, and dione dv reduce the noise a little too much, artemis high is perfect because it reduces noise a lot and really preserves almost all the details. But I deinterlace with dione dv (720x576> 1440 x 1152)

When you’re denoising, do you leave any film grain turned on, or drag it all the way down to 0? What are your exact settings? :slightly_smiling_face:

0 for amount and 0 for size.