Video Enhance AI ffmpeg in the app folder

C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video Enhance AI contains ffmpeg.exe so I’m assuming that’s what being used for MP4 encoding.
It would be nice if Topaz would allow custom commands so I could choose my own settings such as container and encoder like HEVC, crf, bitrate, etc…
It doesn’t really make sense why customization is not allowed, or maybe I’m missing something…

Thanks for any help.


Other than some kind of licensing issues, I see no reason why would we not have more customization. Combining best of both worlds, AI automation with manual tweaking and choice. I agree.


I’m sure that it’s a licensing thing.

I use ffmpeg already (and I have always had VEAI output 16-bit tiffs).

It works better for me to render as I go, so every 10,000 frames, I render them into an mp4.

What’s nice about this approach for me is that in two-pass projects, upscaling small mp4s keeps all the second pass folders at 10,000 frames, so I don’t have to rename them for the second set of mp4 renderings.

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I envy your hard drive space, my friend. lol


Couldn’t agree more! Any option that just causes VEA to output to, say, STDOUT, for ffmpeg to be picked up (via a pipe), would be awesome. Then ffmpeg can do anything with the lossless input stream you want: H264, HEVC, you name it, with your usual custom tweaks that you normally use in ffmpeg. And thus skip an entire, costly (up to several TB long) intermediate format in the process.

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I’m getting color banding on things like sky and large walls with MP4, but not with ProRes HQ which I guess is because it’s 10-bit. Hope Topaz gives us 10-bit H265 choise soon.


That also applies to me. Color banding with mp4.

That’s because you removed noise. You need to add noise into the footage. Or just use Gaia so you don’t have to add noise. Artemis always denoises and causes banding no matter 8 bit or 10 bit.

All output methods will have banding if you denoise.

No banding with 10-bit. For some reason color banding doesn’t show up well when creating screenshots.

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