Video Enhance AI feature requests

I have a couple of feature requests for future versions.

Proteus - Dynamic, per frame settings for the revert compression, noise reduction, and aliasing/blur and settings.
This would make it much more powerful for restoring less than ideal footage.

Artemis Aliased & Moire - Add a sharpening setting with an adjustable threshold.

In fact, for any models that have sharpening - an un-sharp mask option with amount, ratio, and threshold would be an excellent addition.


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Hello, just want to add a feature request to the list :smiley:

if using the chronos feature at 100% (so playing at original speed). Could it keep the audio for the original video. I understand if it’s slo-mo warping audio wouldn’t be ideal. But if you’re just adding FPS to a video to play at regular speed just with more frames. Can keep audio be ungrayed out?