Video Enhance AI Cursor Issues

I can’t see how I am the only one with this problem. Version 1.9 still works fine but there are new features.

  1. I click on the icon, the upload comes up. (sometimes I lose the cursor or and or page expands and the cursor goes behind it)
  2. I can now upload a video, I click on the video, in the last version I had seconds to click the center box in the right-hand corner to semi-reduce the screen and save the cursor to be able to make selections. Otherwise, the screen blips and the cursor changes to a hand and goes behind most of the page where I can not see what to select. The new version is even worse. I love this program but this is driving me nuts now. There has to be an easy fix through a setting. The computer is brand new, 2 x or more the required power, hardly anything is in it but editing programs. Please help