Video Enhance AI Crashes immediately after login

The program will crash in about 3 seconds after starting up if I’m signed in, if I’m signed out, it doesn’t crash but as soon as I sign in it’ll crash, then continue crashing every time I try to open it because I’m still signed in. I have tried deleting all appdata folders and doing a fresh install, updated my GPU drivers, updated my Windows 10 install, tried switching from GPU to CPU in preferences, nothing seems to work so now I’m just hoping someone has some idea what I can even do next to try and fix it.

Potentially relevant info:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: GTX 1080
OS: Windows 10
Version: 2.6.4 (has been an issue for a few months, so prior versions crashes too)
Can provide logs if needed just need to know which ones and where they are